Intro to dive shop pages

Accessing a dive shop page

You will notice on the top orange dropdown menu a new item "My Logbooks". By clicking there you will now be able to switch from your page to the dive shop's page.

Customizing the page

Please do take a few minutes to customise your dive shop page with a nice logo, presentations and location details (in the location tab - please make sure you select a proper country so the appropriate flag shows up). This will help enhance the visibility of your page and the way it links back to your other spaces on the Internet.

You can also create "typical" dives that the dive club is organizing - this is slightly different from the ones you have been logging in your logbook as they are supposed to be "neutral" i.e. show the spots, what a diver could expect to see there ,typical depth and duration of the dive... that kind of stuff ... and a few pictures if you have. In the near future divers will be able to use those as a base to their own logbooks entries which they will be able to customize.

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