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Upgrade your IOS apps

Dear Diveboard,

I am a big fan of logging my dives through your applications. Although your website is quite complete, the IOS apps could use some improvement. I love my online logbook and I hope you will further develop the ipad/iphone app in the future. Here are some suggestions:

- Make the app more stable and faster in general, the current version crashes regularly.
- Create a dashboard homepage like the website profile page. This would show amount of dives/total time/time per gasmix etc. but also your longest/deepest dives etc. It should also support smart groups to be created by the user himself, arranging dives through preset parameters (location/bottom time/gasmix etc.)
- Intuitive data entry: Be able to add, remove, re-arrange and re-name the data fields to match the paper logbook we're familiar with, or tune everything for your specific operation to speed data entry. Change a name in one place and the new name appears everywhere.
- Digital signature with your finger: Divers will love this feature. With this feature, buddies and dive masters can sign logbook entries and endorsements directly on the iPhone or iPad.
- Select a person, dive site, date range or gear and instantly see total time, and the associated dives.
- Be able to track certificates, ratings, endorsements etc. in a more detailed way than just scanning and uploading your PADI card.
- And maybe the most important feature: be able to export the data to various logbook or summary layouts, and then be able to print this. You could sell the most specific logbook sizes through a web shop.

I would highly recommend you download a pilot logbook like the excellent Logten Pro (logging flights is very similar to logging dives) and check out how they incorporated some of the above mentioned features. Thank you very much in advance and keep up the good work!



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  • Dmitri commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    There is an issue with iPhone app: switching units to Imperial affects depths but leaves temperature and weights inputs in metric.

    Can you increase contrast of the app? Gray text on alternating gray/white background is barely visible on iPhone. Larger font won't hurt either.

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