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Dropbox sync

I like diveboard and I now moving all my looging to Diveboard.

I need a personal back up. I think you should add the possible way for the user to add an Dropbox account for backup sync. It should be in a format so the user could use it on another device and for the best bart it should be on an both way sync

If an user use other program the Diveboard is always up-to-date if possible to add two way sync to dropbox

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  • Michael Werle commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi Alex,

    While it's possible to download in UDCF or ZXL formats, (PDF is kinda useless; impossible to re-import from that), those formats don't include all of the information, such as notes, pictures, etc.

    It is fairly important for people to be able to make a full backup of their data - after all we are investing a lot of time into our logs and often we don't have internet access while travelling.

    I seriously don't like the idea of tying in directly to dropbox, google drive, whatever (except as an option), but what I do want is a full export/download. Having done a bit more reading, it appears the UDDF format would be sufficient - and there are other requests to support that already.

    - Micha.

  • tai commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This is a necessary feature for the modern cloud resource user.
    Or a feature to download a plain text files to backup my private data is necessary for me at least.

    I am glad to pay few dollars to batch backup my data on my local machine.

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