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Hi, have just joined Diveboard and find it a great idea. Came upon it when reading some web magazine, DIVE I think it was, and was thinking of writing to Sweden's leading dive magazine, DYK, to suggest they write something about you. But I don't even know how many Swedes are already members! Maybe it is a big thing in Sweden, but I doubt it as almost no dives have been recorded from that country. So my idea is that you could give us a snapshot of the community, maybe in the blog or as a permanent feature something like "who we are". You could have male/female, country/region, age, nr of dives and that kind of thing. It should be easy since you already have a database for each diver with a lot of information. Well, just an idea...

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Pedro de Figueiredo shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
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Hi Pedro,

thanks for your interest :)
Unfortunately getting this data is not so easy.. as we do not ask any personal info from our divers – some may specify their country of origin but they are certainly not obliged to do so.

What I can tell you though is that out of the 3000 divers currently registered, 18 have declared Sweden as their origin country
those 18 have logged 527 dives

220 dives have been logged in sweden
http://www.diveboard.com/wooflock wins with 210 dives logged (although he did not make any dive public)
second is http://www.diveboard.com/anders.holmberg .. again all 99 dives are private

http://www.diveboard.com/falkens is third with 48 dives – most public this time :)

I’ll try and make a hall of fame page with stats – this sounds like a good idea indeed :) In the meantime I hope this will be enough !



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